How It Works:

1. Rooftop rainwater flows through a downspout into the stone filled trough.

2. The water then spills over into planting containers where our special soil media and plants absorb contaminants.

3. Excess water from the planting containers overflows to the bottom water reservoir where water is released into the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my StormGUARDen in the winter?

If you are using your StormGUARDen to store water, you will want to empty it before temperatures reach freezing. The device will be just fine in winter weather and will begin flowing normally as temperatures are above freezing.

What kind of plants can I grow?

You may choose native or ornamental plants. Individual guidance will be provided based upon roofing condition and material when veggies or fruits are planned.

How are my plants watered during a drought?

The bottom 2″ of each container holds water long-term to supply plant roots with water even during dry weather.

Will mosquitos become a problem?

Mosquitos typically need 10 to 14 days to breed in standing water. If you notice mosquitos coming from your StormGUARDen reservoir, you will want to drain it completely.

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